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A Heart in Pieces: A Return from Devastation

As a young girl, I always dreamed of a fairy-tale life. One day, my prince would ride up on a white horse and carry me off to his castle with a white picket fence. But reality was quite the opposite. From the time I was a small child, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse were running rampant in my life. I was raised in a strict religious and family environment. Many people manipulated me for their own gain. I was a pawn of an arranged marriage that produced two beautiful children of which I was determined to raise in love. Offering them a life I was unable to enjoy. A bitter divorce brought about a whole new life that I had never experienced. Rejected, homeless with no family, I had to find my way in a world from which I had been protected. Struggling to figure out this new way of life brought its challenges and many mistakes. But nothing prepared me for the heartache of all heartaches that I was to experience at the tender age of twenty-six! Be prepared to cry, shake your head, and rejoice while reading my book. God helped me write this to bring hope to one's heart!

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M. E. Masterson
M. E. Masterson makes her home in Missouri with her husband, Mtn. Man Tom in a peaceful little holler fondly called Ozark Serenity Acres. This is a short, impactful book that took me about 15 yrs to write. It started out a novel but God wanted something digestible for folks to read! So this is the result! I am proud of my first book for the world to read. (Ebook and Nook due to release the first part of July) Youtube-Part 1 Part 2 Facebook- Barnes & Noble-