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Unequally Yoked

When you can't share your faith with your marriage partner—how do you grow in your faith? Similarly, if your faith is causing friction in your marriage—how can you have a happy marriage? Trying to live a Christian life while married to someone who isn't saved can be frustrating and daunting. This book provides practical solutions to real life problems in this complex relationship.

Despite being raised in a Christian home, the author never grasped the love, grace or power available in Christianity. Trauma kept her in a prison of anger and insecurity. Living with confusion and turmoil, she put her faith on the fence while she vacillated between believing and unbelieving. A health crisis prompted her to revisit her faith and the door to the understanding was finally opened.

But beyond this door was another barrier. She was now married to a non-Christian who had no interest in traveling this path with her.  She found herself living in a surreal world of having to fight to practice her faith in her own home. Through trial and error, she discovered the secrets to living the Christian life in a home that doesn't honor God without sacrificing or minimizing her faith.

In this practical book, she shares a roadmap of hope to encourage you to walk the Christian walk inside your unequally yoked marriage while growing in intimacy with your spouse.

You will:

  • understand your marriage better by discovering your unsaved spouse's perspective on your faith.

  • discover new ways to communicate your faith while growing in your faith.

  • become better informed on how to get help within your Christian network, create new safe networks and find creative ways to grow your faith.

  • master and deftly navigate the difficult home turf without sacrificing your faith in the process.

This is your ultimate and essential guidebook that you need to get the help and support that you want right now

Author Details

Miranda J. Chivers
Miranda J. Chivers writes about faith and real life challenges. Her mission is to heal hurting souls by sharing her own experiences through both nonfiction and fiction. In her debut non-fiction book, the author explores the challenges of living in an unequally yoked marriage. She draws her knowledge from both her forty years of experience in two marriages and counseling individuals in her former social work career. As an avid researcher and student of the Bible, she is fascinated by cultural diversity and social differences. She believes that the Creator imbues us with a natural propensity for creativity and diversity. As we celebrate the beauty and richness of God's love—displayed through individual differences—our world expands with a new awareness and increased joy. Miranda enjoys traveling, reading, and meditating in God's natural gardens. She lives with her husband in Niagara, Ontario.