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The Curse of the Ancestors, with Jamie James

Jamie James, a fifteen-year-old boy, lives in Cape Town with his mother. His parents are divorced, and he has not heard from his father, a wildlife veterinarian, living in Nelspruit, South Africa, since he was five.

Nothing at all.

Then, suddenly, he receives an email from his father beseeching him to come to Nelspruit because “their lives are in danger.” 

Jamie makes the journey north to discover that there is African magic afoot. A curse was placed on the males of his family over two hundred years ago. His father is about to die soon, and only he, Jamie, may be able to save him. 

He meets Lexi, the wildlife vet, her sister, the beautiful Samantha, whose father, Gareth, is the ranger on Ngonyama Game Reserve. He rekindles an old friendship with Siyabelo his childhood friend and meets Kubukele, an African Sangoma, and Siyabelo's grandfather. 

Jamie, and his friends embark on a mission to liberate his family from the curse 

Along the way they have adventures with African wildlife and all the while Jamie is immersed deeper and deeper in African mysticism, animal, and ancestral communications. He discovers that there are malevolent spirits determined to harm him and he discovers that he has mystical magical powers, and over time he learns to harness these powers to his benefit.

Can he discover what the “symbols” are in time to release his family from the curse and to save his father and in due course himself? 

Against a backdrop of the African bush and African mysticism Jamie James races against the clock to try and save his father from a fate that is two hundred years in the making. 

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Roy Aronson
Dr Roy Aronson Veterinarian and author