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The Boys from Joppa

The first book in the Kennebec River Trilogy sizzles with sexy bits, unusual characters and a myriad of mysterious subplots that will invigorate your imagination. It's 1960's Maine. A young man's body turns up in the river, several local hoodlums decided to rob a liquor warehouse, the town drunk knows a secret he can't tell anyone and there is something dark brewing in the community. The author calls The Boys from Joppa, “A trashy book with a heart.”  Most reader's say it is entertaining, funny, different and fun. If you like mysteries, pulp fiction, historical fiction with a little hot romance - this is your book. A throwback to the pulp fiction of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960's with a sweet twist. Some of the characters are real, the city is real and most of what occurs in the book comes from real situations. The cornerstone of the Kennebec River Trilogy will have you talking endlessly about the book and then reading Dummers Lane and The Valley of Good and Evil. We all have known the boys from Joppa. But, it takes a writer like L. E. Barrett to bring them into our homes.

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L. E. Barrett
L. E. Barrett originates from Hallowell, Maine and lives in Monroe, Maine. He received a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a Master's Degree from the University of Maine in Orono, ME. L. E. Barrett is also a retired Army officer, and a retired senior executive with the Department of Veterans Affairs. He has published: two poetry collections, The Maine Poetic and Verses From Beneath Granite Ledges; a play, The Shadow of the Soul; a collection of thirteen short stories, A View From The Side Of The Road; three highly original reference, photography, recipe books called Fiddlemainia, The Blueberry Coast and the Dandelion Conspiracy; three novels, The Boys From Joppa, Dummers Lane and The Valley of Good and Evil (The Kennebec River Trilogy a historical pulp fictional works about Hallowell, Maine in the early 1960s). L. E. Barrett will publish (May-June 2018) eleven new short stories in A View From The Other Side Of The Road.