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The Valley of Good and Evil

The Valley of Good and Evil, the last book in the Kennebec River Trilogy, picks up the tale of a small city, Hallowell, Maine in the early 1960s, as the citizens combat an evil beyond anyone's comprehension. Like the first two books, The Boys from Joppa and Dummers Lane the book is a direct link to classic pulp fiction. The author connects his reader to a place, a people and events that are universal and compelling.

Once again, Dip. Phil, Chief Buck, Connie, Martha, Rita, Big Robbie, Bunny, Emma, and the other unforgettable characters challenge an unthinkable evil. Like the early works of Steinbeck and Doctorow the streetwise characters transform the reader's notion of humanity and community. The Valley of Good and Evil like the earlier books is also sexy, entertaining, funny, mysterious, outrageous and earthy. L. E. Barrett says, “I write stories designed to entertain and to draw my readers into a world that is familiar and still strange at the same time. I want my readers to feel the same excitement that I feel when I am writing the book. The reader is always in my thoughts.”    

The Kennebec River Trilogy is a throwback to the trashy novels of the 1940s to 1960s where women craved love, men were tough, and violence was a business opportunity. Like the first two books in The Kennebec River Trilogy (The Boys from Joppa and Dummers Lane), The Valley of Good and Evil is a quirky slice of adult fiction that provides the reader with an enjoyable read. The kind of novel and trilogy you can't wait to tell your friends about or to discuss with others

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L. E. Barrett
L. E. Barrett originates from Hallowell, Maine and lives in Monroe, Maine. He received a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a Master's Degree from the University of Maine in Orono, ME. L. E. Barrett is also a retired Army officer, and a retired senior executive with the Department of Veterans Affairs. He has published: two poetry collections, The Maine Poetic and Verses From Beneath Granite Ledges; a play, The Shadow of the Soul; a collection of thirteen short stories, A View From The Side Of The Road; three highly original reference, photography, recipe books called Fiddlemainia, The Blueberry Coast and the Dandelion Conspiracy; three novels, The Boys From Joppa, Dummers Lane and The Valley of Good and Evil (The Kennebec River Trilogy a historical pulp fictional works about Hallowell, Maine in the early 1960s). L. E. Barrett will publish (May-June 2018) eleven new short stories in A View From The Other Side Of The Road.