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by Faye Rogan   

A cross-cultural relationship. Blinded by love. It's killing her.

After years of waiting, Kaye Knowles is enjoying living with the man of her dreams, Vedat Erdem, in an idyllic location in southwest Turkey. Hoping that the struggles of the past are far behind her, she is unprepared for the shocking turn of events that unfold.

When she is struck down by a devastating illness, she discovers an unexpected side to Vedat's character. Kaye finds a hidden strength and finally finds a place to call home. Will Vedat be there to share it with her? Does she have her happy ending?

‘Seeing It All' is a contemporary story about a challenging cross-cultural relationship and is the sequel to ‘Seeing the Truth.' Both books are set in a variety of locations around Turkey, giving readers an insight into life in this fascinating country.

If you like heart-wrenching emotion and an enthralling page-turner with a dash of humour, you'll love this book.

Buy it now to experience what it's like to have a love so strong, you'll do anything to keep it.



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Faye Rogan, originally from Buxton, Derbyshire in the beautiful Peak District of England, has lived in Turkey for the last seventeen years, initially working in an international school in Ankara and now leading a more relaxed life on the south-west coast. She immerses herself in Turkish culture and enjoys an authentic life in a traditional village.