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paranormal romance
Just love me

Lakoda just wants to be loved by the ones who should love her the most. She grew up on the streets with her drug addicted mother until the night she was murdered. Bouncing from foster home to foster home she finally settles in with a family who she thought would be her forever family. She quickly discovered they were far from it, turning into her worst nightmare.
Lawson is a shifter who has looked for his mate for a long time. Giving up all hope that she was out there he conviences himself its just not in his cards to have a mate. Then one night his family brings in a small broken girl. Could she be the one he's been waiting for? Can he keep her safe from those who want to hurt her more?

Author Details

Tami Hair
Tami was born and raised in Fort Worth tx. She is a full time truck driver and a part time Author. She has five kids and a loving husband who have all been supportive. Reading is something she has always loved but writing was a secret passion.