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Toby Tales the Series

Toby Tales the Series in one set! Read the complete story of Toby Perkins, a ten-year-old newcomer to Washington, D.C. A long, boring summer lies ahead before he makes his new friend, Hailey. The only problem—she's a girl.

As this newcomer adjusts, he finds himself passing the days with this bothersome neighbor only to see their unlikely friendship grow. As Toby enters the fifth-grade, he hopes to make new friends, squash crushes, win contests, and deal with his dreaded bully, Kevin.

Adjusting takes time, and as Toby settles into the new school year, he embraces the changes while Hailey sees him through.

Join these two on their adventures, and follow along as Toby and Hailey learn that friendship is what your grade school years are all about.

Author Details

Susan Kinsey
Originally from the East Coast, Susan moved to California with her mother and brother when she was five. In the sixth-grade, an arts and crafts teacher led the project of writing and illustrating storybooks to read to the Kindergarteners. She fell in love with the process and continued writing fiction through high school and college. Majoring in Child Development, she worked as an child caregiver, pre-school teacher and Director, and with school age programs. Those experiences led her to write for young audiences, and she plans to continue forward with more Y/A novels and branch into thrillers. Other works such as Susan's pre-school books: "The Spider With So Many Shoes" and "There's a Chicken in My Kitchen" are available on amazon in hard copy and in the Kindle e-book store.