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"EZ Prey the Trilogy" is Keith Childs compulsively readable debut novel about power, prestige, greed, betrayal, partnership and revenge in the business industry. Mallory Bell, a successful and powerful businesswoman from a wealthy background seeks revenge after she witnessed the murder of her parents as a child by the hands of their business partners. Mallory Bell soon becomes "Mallory KilPatrick" in her obsession to rid the world of greedy, conniving, untrustworthy and backstabbing businessmen. Once her parents are gone, she loses everything, so out of what she sees as pure survival; she begins very early, using her stunning beauty and drop-dead sex appeal, preying upon older successful businessmen. It starts out as just a robbery to eat, and quickly grows into a frenzy, driven by anger and revenge. Little is known of her dark secrets and her thirst for blood as she lives a double life!

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Keith Childs
Keith Childs was born and raised in the urban city of Washington, D.C. He is married with 3 beautiful daughters and 2 lovely grandchildren. Keith was educated in the District of Columbia Public School System. He attended Dunbar Senior High School and furthered his education at Norfolk State University. Keith discovered his love for entertainment and literature as a young child. His days of dreaming finally became a reality. He has enjoyed a prolific, storied career but consciously chooses to never stop growing or give up. He is a trailblazer and trendsetter who focuses on empowering others. ​ He has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry and was a former R&B singer in the early 90's. Keith is the founder and CEO of MPower Group Entertainment and the author of the new and hottest book coming out this spring 2018 titled "EZ Prey the Trilogy". ​ Keith has years of experience as a motivational speaker and radio show guest. He is now the host of the hottest show on WBGR Entertainment Radio Network “In the Lab with Author Keith Childs”. With his ambitious appetite and as each day passes by, Author Keith Childs is more determined than ever to fulfill God's plan for his life.