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Avenged (The Circle of the Red Scorpion Book 2)

Broderick Devereaux receives an invitation to his son, Drake's wedding, and he decides to make a last-ditch effort to repair their broken relationship.  When Solomon Blackwell, the Rogue vampire who was instrumental in destroying his life two decades ago, sets his sights on Drake's wife, Ebony; he vows not to allow history to repeat itself. He knows better than anyone that Blackwell will stop at nothing to possess her. To protect her and his son, Broderick must tell Drake the shocking family secret he's withheld from him his whole life.


Drake and Ebony are living the life they both dreamed of until Ebony vanishes.  As Solomon initiates his daring plan, Broderick, Drake, and the Circle of the Red Scorpion race against time to find Ebony and stop the Rogue vampire from destroying Drake's life.

A fierce battle between the two factions comes to a surprising end, and the shocking conclusion of Avenged brings Broderick to his knees. Can his team help him stop the new menace threatening to destroy the world?

Author Details

Charlene Johnson
Charlene Johnson lives in Sacramento, California. She graduated cum laude from Waynesburg College with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts. Books have always been one of her greatest passions. She's traveled the world, crossed galaxies, traveled through time and explored history on the pages of books. She is an author with Kingston Publishing Company and has published four books so far in her erotic Paranormal Romance series - Circle of the Red Scorpion and one book in her Romantic Suspense series - Sterling Wood. She also has poetry published in the American Poetry Anthology and Forever and A Day - The National Library of Poetry and a short story published in an anthology – Birds of a Feather. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys photography, travel, music, and great movies.