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If You Ever Leave Me

Lucas Davenport is sick and tired of everyone he knows hovering over him and his shrink sipping his room temperature coffee and asking all these intrusive questions! He didn't die, and despite the fact that he doesn't remember what happened that day, he's doing just fine now so everyone can just go back to normal! But when they don't he finds solace at a restaurant owned by millionaire Simone Reed, whom he quickly falls for. The only problem is he has a wife (Vanessa). As he and Simone grow closer the events leading up to that fateful day he almost died are revealed.

What does the black cherry taste he keeps getting in his mouth have to do with Simone, he just met her right? Are the dreams he has whenever he takes his pain pills trying to tell him something? Who's the little girl in them and where is she now? And where the hell did Vanessa go?

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Carla Lynn Tony