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Secrets Lies & Family Ties

Seven years ago, Mckayla, the woman of Ray's dreams, abruptly disappeared the same day a member of his family was killed in a hit and run accident. When she resurfaces out of the blue engaged to his cousin (Shawn), Ray struggles with letting her go and focusing on his job as Chief of Staff to his father, Governor Walt Rucker.

Shawn makes the separate startling discovery that the families of him and his and his new fiancée are already tied together deeper than their nuptials could stich them, and he decides to keep it to himself for the time being.

After a by chance run-in, Ray and Mckayla find it impossible to stay away from each other, much to the displeasure of Walt, his right hand man, Don, and Lindsey— a woman Ray believes to be the mother of his child. Hell bent on marrying into the extremely wealthy and prominent family, Lindsey makes it her business to out the two of them in hopes of putting an end to their budding relationship and securing her place beside Ray once and for all.

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Carla Lynn Tony