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The Maya Sites - Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest

A Travellers Guide to Maya Sites on the Yucatán Peninsula, in Mexico and Guatemala
This book is a compact guide that contains the 15 main archaeological ruin sites of the ancient Mayan civilization on the Yucatan peninsula and also explains the optimal route for visiting these sites. A perfect guide for those travelers who are primarily interested in the most important Maya sites.

The Maya sites to be visited in this way and described in the book:

Tulum Chichen Itzá Cobá Ek Balam Izamal Uxmal San Gervasio Edzná Palenque Toniná Bonampak Yaxchilán Tikal Yaxhá El Mirador In addition, I included the La Venta Museum Parc in Villahermosa in the book, where the traveler will find several monolithic structures of the Olmec culture. The Olmec culture is famous especially for the giant stone heads which they left behind when their civilization disappeared.
The perfect route through the land of the Maya
I divided this route into three sections, which can be visited either sequentially or divided into individual stages. The three sections are: Northern Yucatan Peninsula Chiapas and Campeche Petén in Guatemala The modern cities, which are approached on these routes are Tulum / Playa del Carmen Valladolid Merida Campeche Palenque Villahermosa Flores From these starting points or “base camps” you can explore the world of the Maya. From a leisurely day trip to a 5-day walk through the Guatemalan jungle, all levels of difficulty are available.
Light, short, crisp
I didn't include lists of hotels or restaurants because I wanted to avoid the inclusion of short-lived information. During my travels I found that common travel guides can become a reason for frustration because such accommodation related information is outdated. In contrast, I think that the internet is a much better information source for hotels in a certain city than any printed travel guide. Therefore, I do not exaggerate if I state that this is the perfect book for all kind of travelers and explorers: Light, short, crisp. Each of the Maya sites is documented with numerous color photos. Altogether there are about 100, which I have inserted at appropriate places in the book. For each (almost) of the Maya sites discussed I included a sketch map (a total of 14 maps), so that you can find the path along the site in the ruins.
I have visited each of these sites on several trips and all photos are my own.
This book has been designed as an eBook for tablets. For the modern traveler who tries to keep his luggage lightweight, an eBook makes the most sense. And viewing it on a modern tablet allows to zoom in the fotos. But a print version can be purchased as well. The “Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest” is suitable for any “variety” of tourist, for backpackers, luxury travelers, and explorers. It is available in English and German language so far. —— 100 color photos 14 sketch maps

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Christian Schoen