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Field of Glass

Marcus Cusack is about to be released, and he has some business to take care of. He is psychotic, a dangerous man with an obsession in the name of Jessie Harris.


Jessie had escaped the torment of prostitution and eventually met and married her husband, Ben. Together with her son, Thomas, they were her world and life was better than she could ever have imagined. Her past closely guarded, and her secret to keep. After all she was a prostitute and a killer, wasn't she? And who would be interested in the truth?


When Ben died suddenly in a freak car accident, Jessie was crushed. And Thomas gave her the only reason to get out of bed each day, because he was suffering too.

Shortly after the funeral, Jessie discovered the truth behind Ben's death and that was only just the beginning. Desperate to get her son to safety, it was time to get a grip and step up. But, when Thomas goes missing Jessie is propelled back to the past, a place where Marcus Cusack is waiting.



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Bobbie Barker