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There Are Homeless in Bucks County; A Journey With The Homeless

There Are Homeless in Bucks County explores the plight of the homeless, including prejudice against them, focusing on Bucks County, PA. The book shows who they really are, based on my associations with them for more than three years. They are not all the same; the only thing they have in common is they don't have a home. There are examples of how different people in the same situation deal with it different ways and illustrates the influence of Christian versus secular psychology on the homeless.

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Jeff Drinnan
I am a first time author and a born again Christian. Shortly after losing my job and unable to find regular work, I met the local homeless in Bucks County and started hanging out with them. In college I wrote for the school newspaper when I was in a humanities program at Penn State University. For classes, I wrote and produced independent videos, did creative writing, including writing for the screen, short stories, and journalistic writing.