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In the game of life, every move is pivotal. Some will say it's an impossible win, while others sail easily across the finish line. In Tomorrow, three people who are strangers to each other will find themselves locked in a mire of desperation, desire, and hopelessness that turns their game of life into a deadly reality.


Their struggles with love, alcoholism, mental illness, and drug abuse lure them toward the final move. Who will survive—and who will win?

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Tabitha Cornell
Tabitha discovered her passion for writing at an early age and began documenting her life experiences in journals. She began her rewarding career in the healthcare field at the age of 17. In 2014 she earned her Associate of Science in Nursing and became a registered nurse. She has dedicated her life to caring for those who cannot care for themselves. Tabitha has extensive real-life experience, both professionally and personally, with substance abuse and mental illness. She resides in beautiful Southwest Wisconsin with her loving husband Chris. You can find Tabitha on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @tabbycornell.