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University of Pittsburgh law student, Maggie, battles an enemy, she cannot escape--her own brain. 

After her fiancĂ©, Sam moves out, Maggie knows there is only one way to get him back--control her moods.   

      Once in treatment for bipolar II disorder, Maggie begins her quest to get Sam back.   When she sees him on the street holding the hand of another girl, panic sets in, generating fear that she has lost him forever.

      A light appears in her world in the form of online chatting with her super-sexy old flame, Nick. But can Nick generate enough light to make her forget about Sam? And does it even matter? Won't mental illness stop any man from loving her?

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Susan Sofayov
Susan Sofayov is the author of three novels. She has a BA in English Literature and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh and an MA in Teaching from Chatham University. She spent two years in Tel Aviv bonding with her husband's outrageously large family. Today, she lives in the occasionally sunny Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband. Together with her husband and sons, they run a real estate development company. Her daughter lives in Columbus, Ohio. She loves to make soup, take long walks and collects hats.