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Sabastian's Curse

After her partner was killed while she was on vacation, D.C. Detective Catherine Richards, vowed to solve his murder. Little did she know that soon she would be the one on trial for a crime centuries old. Her accuser, Sabastian Mulacay, is a powerful man, and used to getting his way. In a foreign land she is thrust into a world of ancient druids and mystical powers. Will she be able to persuade this beast of a man of her innocence using her detective skills? Or will she have to resort to more feminine tactics? Trying to clear her name will be one of the most challenging things she has ever faced but if she succeeds it could be the most rewarding.

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Jennifer Rickard
Jennifer Rickard was born a military brat and traveled extensively with her family while growing up. Marrying her high school sweetheart she soon found her place in the corporate world. Two children later and over 20 years of the rat race she finally embraced her gift of writing.