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Involuntary Admissions

Fifteen-year-old Kendra Sibley is suicidal. Her frantic mother, Helen admits her to a posh psychiatric hospital near Philadelphia. They both quickly discover that instead of getting her the help she needs, they have placed her in harm's way. Helen reaches out to her best friend and journalist/writer, Madison Blythe, Kendra's godmother. Madison and Kendra are soon pitted against the controlling and corrupt Dr. Victor Aiken, putting both their lives at risk. Can Madison use her resourcefulness to save both of them before Aiken's Haven becomes their final resting place?


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D.R. Markham
D.R. Markham was born in Canada in 1965. After studying at Queen's University (BNSc. 1988), she became a Registered Nurse and immigrated to the United States in 1990. She has worked in the nursing fields of psychiatry, mental health, chemical dependency, wound care, medical-surgical care, skilled nursing and correctional nursing. Her nursing career has also included positions in management and administration. D.R. Markham has lived in the province of Ontario, Canada as well as the states of Hawaii, Texas and South Carolina. She published several short stories in the 1990s. INVOLUNTARY ADMISSIONS is her first novel.