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The Way Of Cain: and Jonah's Run

Take a peek into the World of Strangers and Pilgrims in this two-story collection. 

Darkness and malcontent come between two friends. Then Jonah, a known assassin, escapes a prison transport in search of the one who had set him up on his last job. Will he find who is responsible before the law can recapture him.

These stories are part of a larger project. I hope to continue to publish these easy to read short stories along with my books. The project is called Conflict With Shadows, and the second story is the first chapter in that book.

Author Details

Mark Castleberry
An independent writer writing a series of novels and stories with Christian influences within a futuristic atmosphere in another universe. He is living with his wife and two cats in Missouri. He is currently working on Book One In The World Of Strangers and Pilgrims entitled CONFLICT WITH SHADOWS coming out in November.