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Creative Retirement for Women

Are you tired of hearing the scare tactics claiming you'll never be able to retire? Are you insulted with male oriented advice that discounts women's individual needs? Are you worried that Social Security and Medicare won't be around? Have you noticed that it's often the men that sabotage retirement for the women?



This book is full of common sense solutions for women:


Design a customized retirement based on your personality 


How to use existing skills to establish creative income


Downsize and balance your budget without sacrifice


How the woman's social network is your retirement advantage 


How to plan for quality of life and greater longevity


How to manage your partner to save your retirement


When to sell your home for maximum benefit


Improve your health to benefit your body and budget


Learn to avoid the most common mistakes in retirement




If you are ready to take your retirement back, you need this book.


Don't let the doom and gloom writers determine your future. This 

comprehensive guide to women's retirement will help you manage 

your money, relationships, and health to maximize your quality of 

life and longevity as a couple or a single woman.             

Author Details

Lee Johnson
The author has a masters in psychology and has 38 years of psychotherapy experience mostly in clinical settingns. He is in his 11th year of creative retirement. He is a woman's advocate and guides women through the maze of male dominant retirement systems and ideas. This book helps you find the right retirement that suits your personality and interest. Men don't like the book because their flaws are reveiled.