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Before the time of the great pyramids, on a lost continent at the edge of the world a mysterious boy searches for his mother in a desperate race against time. He carries her amulet, forged long ago in the stars by a God. 

But all divine gifts come at a price.

Finally, a young adult fantasy novel with an all Indian cast, set across the mystical landscape of Kumari Kandam, India's Atlantis. For lovers of Indian historical fantasy fiction, The Jewel of Vishnu is part one of an explosive three book, young adult series like no other.

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RK SIngh
Ravi woke up one day with an entire novel (possibly three) in his head. He describes it as a product of his overactive imagination! He lives in the subtropical city of Brisbane, Australia with his wife and two sons, and holds two degrees from the University of Queensland. He is currently writing the Jewel of Shiva trilogy and a number of short stories.