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Visions of Her Heart

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the author Latania Green to take you on an incredible journey through the life of Porsha Brown. This intriguing fictional story will spin your heart and mind into a whirlwind of emotions as you travel with Porsha from her tragic childhood to her ultimate decision to walk away as the top candidate for the WNBA and become a police officer and undercover detective. Her unconditional love for family and community will unexpectedly have her torn between fighting for justice or defying the law

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Latania Green
The author Latania Harris Green has a desire to change the world by bringing social awareness through her gift of creative writing. This well- rounded native of Maryland grew up in the projects of Aberdeen and has used her own life experiences as a catalyst for her writings. Latania wants to use her talents as a platform to shed light on the various ways people can impact the lives of others.