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ROYAL: Gideon's Angels - Vol. 2 (Boys of Porn)

Release Date: Sept. 20, 2019

“In a taboo industry that thrives on raw, emotionless sex, Gideon Dodd is a visionary who views gay sex as a thing of beauty and something to be celebrated rather than exploited. Gideon's boys are the best in the business, not merely for their exquisite talents but for the bonds they share with one another as their mutual love for each other thrives on and off camera. But as within all families, tension – and even jealousies – arise and threaten their ‘harmony' at both home and work.”

ROYAL – After a year away seeking fame on the silver screen in Hollywood, Royal returns—much to the dismay of the other boys. Retaining his same old arrogant attitude, he ruffles feathers and raises hackles. Lucas, especially, is feeling no love for the guy as Royal seems to set his eyes on Bailey. Garrett suffers the full brunt of Royal's return when the prodigal son blames him for Scotty's troubles—past and present.

SCOTTY – Troubled and frightened that he might actually be going crazy, Scotty is convinced that he is no longer wanted or welcome in Gideon's home. Under Dr. Harmony Knox's care, Scotty is urged to face the monsters of his past that Dr. Knox suspects are the root of Scotty's fear, pain, and confusion. But in opening up those doors, a presence from his dark past slips through. Has he really come back for Scotty? Or is he merely a figment of Scotty's imagination?

Gideon's Angels is an ongoing Boys of Porn series that must be read in the following order:

JACK: GIDEON'S ANGELS (VOLUME 1) - Originally published as 3 separate books. *Individual books are no longer available.

ROYAL: GIDEON'S ANGELS (VOLUME 2) *Available for Preorder.

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A.M. Snead