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Jenny and Me

Billy is a high-school student in New York who spends his evenings with a rebellious youth gang. The gang's activities range from violence against minorities, to aimlessly roaming around the city. During one of the gang's missions of destruction, Billy was caught and sentenced to community service in which he must give assistance to an ailing girl named Jenny. Billy is quickly drawn into Jenny's world, and meeting alternately with Jenny and with the gang, he finds himself swung impossibly back and forth until, eventually, he must choose which world to live in.

Author Details

Idan Sheffer
Sheffer has written four books - ""Jenny and Me"" (2012), ""Stories from the Pedestrian zones"" (2014), ""and A Journey to Life"" (2016) and ""Uncle Leon"" (2017). Sheffer holds a master's degree in philosophy of science, with thesis dealt with the philosophy of art named "Existentialism in Art: Tragedy versus Comedy"," and finished a training in cinema at the New York Film Academy, where he gained knowledge in all the aspects of cinematic art -- directing, screenwriting, editing, and more.