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Faithful Finance: Money Essentials and Biblical Principles

To put it simply, money is a tool to be used wisely and can often be a blessing to you. However, use it unwisely and it can cause a vast amount of fear and anxiety. Sometimes, God blesses our finances and other times we experience a lack of resources—but no matter the financial condition, God is always faithful and always with us. As a financial advisor for over seventeen years, Emily G. Stroud breaks down everything you need to know about your finances, providing simplified information, practical tips, biblical revelation, and wisdom about how to handle your money so you can have more of it.

Faithful Finance gives you the tools you need to make wise choices and be prepared financially for the rest of your life. In her warm and engaging style, Stroud takes all of her knowledge and experience and boils it down to messages that are simple and easy to implement—whether that means advice, tips, tools, scriptures, or instructions on budgeting, getting out of debt, or making some extra cash.

In Faithful Finance, Emily provides a roadmap to lead you to a more secure financial future for yourself and your family so that you can live a more fruitful and fulfilled life!

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Emily G. Stroud, MBA, CFA
God has laid it on my heart to help guide you on a path to financial freedom. As a financial advisor for over 17 years, I have observed that financial issues are one of the greatest stressors or burdens, for individuals and married couples. Sadly, it is one of the top three reasons that couples divorce. Issues with money cross all genders, races, and belief systems, proving that the fears associated with money do not discriminate. Thank God there is hope in Christ. Jesus came so we could have access to all God's blessings and treasures—all of them. My sincere desire is to share with you how to handle your finances so you can live without fear and anxiety. I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband and two children, and own and manage a boutique investment firm called Stroud Financial Management. As a wife, mom, and business owner, I understand the pressures of being a workingwoman in today's world. My hope is that you find rest here, and that you find answers for the financial questions that weigh on you. There is a way to live this busy life free from the fears associated with money, and my goal is to guide you there.