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Reign of Adolphe'

A story told from the middle ages during the bubonic plague about a werewolf who's curse was foretold when he was a young boy, and is chosen to be the alpha of the new predatory pack evolved out of the horrors of the plague and starvation in Europe. Unlike any other legend told about the beasts of the full moon, this story leaves the reader with an alternate concept of the mythological legend of the werewolf.

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Kerry ONeal
Kerry ONeal (1953) was born in Illinois, to Italian and Irish parents. Father was an English/French teacher, dance instructor, piano teacher, dance choreographer. His Mother was the strength in his life, but they both encouraged him to always follow his dream. He has 2 daughters, Shawna & Angie, and 4 Grandkids, Chase, Carmen, Ava, & Ashton. Kerry was a textbook illustrator for Pao publishing and a few other publishers of college textbooks. His first book, "I Wish I Could Fly", an illustrated children's book, was published in 2006 along with a sequel called "I Can Fly" with both being available for your Kindle. Currently living in Florida, he's spent the last couple years, writing short stories and has just released his new book containing 13 stories, called "What If - An Anthology of 13 Short Stories". Each story originates from the conceptual basic question of the title, but then the similarity ends delving into the paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi/horror, inspirational, and ghosts. His latest book, Reign of Adolphe' is now available for Kindle and in paperback, about a werewolf in the middle ages.