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The Battle for Your Soul

We are in a battle. Some of us know it, but many of us do not. The battle is not for land, or resources, or gold, it is a battle for something much more precious. The battle we are in is for our soul. Dramatic sounding I know, but it is the truth.

The threat to our country and our way of life is very real and very serious. There is no “theory” tied to these threats. The deep state is very real and does not have your best interest in mind. The evidence of this is in the main stream news – if you care to see it. Presidential candidates want to take your weapons, want to make you more dependent on the government (“Universal Income”), control your healthcare (healthcare mainly for illegal aliens), climate scare (“New Green Deal”), and much, much more. Everything that is being projected by the deep state is intended to keep us in fear, make us dependent, and increase their control over us and our lives.

If you have any doubt, then you need to wake up and open your eyes. Investigate for yourself. Current events are unprecedented in our history. Events are unfolding as they never have before. The end game is control of your soul.

These are historic times we are living in fraught with many troubles and trials. Life as we once knew and understood it to be is changing rapidly. If we are to survive we need to realize what is happening and make serious life-changes.

If this sounds alarmist or dramatic, then investigate the claims in this book for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Take responsibility for yourself, do not let anyone (including a deep state government) make decisions for you. This book may not appeal to everyone, but this book may help save your life….and your soul.

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GL Skye
GL Snodgrass is a GIS and Emergency expert; formally trained as a geospatial analyst with 30-plus years' experience. He is a writer, his readers know him as GL Skye, and speaker. Guy is a retired warrant officer with almost 25 years of military service. During his service, he traveled the world, and met many interesting people of all nationalities. As an author, he brings a unique perspective to his readers. His books Texas Border Trouble, Return to Life, A Night in the Woods, and The World-Reset have a blend between fiction and reality that are valuable in any type of crisis. His non-fiction works The Self-Reliant Survival Book and Battle for your Soul express years of living and surviving in the outdoors, often under extreme and harsh conditions.