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Take Back Your POWER!

Living up to your full potential and moving forward with both zeal and knowledge requires the willingness to sit at the feet of those who can share practical knowledge and experience.  Oftentimes, the larger challenge is discerning when it's time to leave the safety of the teacher, mentor, employer, etc. and launch out into the deep that's specifically designed and prepared for you.  The transition from being led to taking the lead within your own organization, ministry, or movement requires both readiness and preparation. Even more so, it requires the best parts of who you are, and that's where the process begins.

M. Stanley Butler shares words of wisdom for the entrepreneur, minister, leader or visionary whose time has come to step out, fully-equipped, into their own work.  The greatest of revelations is when you come to know that your time of anchoring another man's work or pushing someone else's vision is done. However, before moving whole-heartedly into personal destiny, call, and purpose, you must decidedly lay claim to the better parts of yourself.  You must boldly reclaim those things that have been taken, surrendered, and overlooked.  You must Take Back Your POWER!

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M. Stanley Butler
Dr. M. Stanley Butler is an author, teacher, and serial entrepreneur. He is the President of M. Stanley Enterprise & Ventures, LLC and Founder of Striving Toward Excellence in Public Service (STEPS), Inc. He has been instrumental in the establishment of organizations that are changing the lives of people both nationally and internationally. His consulting work with nonprofit organizations has taken him to Europe, Asia, Africa, and many cities throughout the United States. Dr. Butler models servant leadership in a manner that challenges, mentors, and prepares others to live with purpose. He has mentored and/or coached men and women nationally through his leadership programs and prepared others for the work of changing their world with boldness and conviction.