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Imagine waking up one day realizing you are, not who you are. Our nation's Military secrets, disclosed to the select few, and the US government can't divulge complete information about its tactics for the national defense to the people it's sworn to protect. There are just three levels of security; those are the only three known to exist. Welcome to level four.

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Marsha L Ceniceros
Author Marsha L. Ceniceros is a prolific author with novels that span many genres including science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and horror. She is also an accomplished poet, nonfiction author, and child abuse advocate. Marsha's writing career began over twenty-seven years ago, although her love of writing began as a young child when she read her first book by Dr. Seuss. A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Marsha moved to California as a child, later attended Mt. San Antonio College and now calls the Inland Empire area of Los Angeles home. Over the years, she has shared her personal stories of survival through her non-fiction books and numerous interviews on prestigious shows such as Eleanor's Elite Radio with host Eleanora Rubino-Erdogan, Who's Hot Orlando with host Lisa Sue, Speak Up Talk Radio & Those Radio Kids with host Pat Rullo, and iHeart Radio, among others. Marsha generously shares her love of writing and designing a great story with young writers through speaking engagements at events such as the Colton Joint Unified School District (CJUSD) Family Reading Con. KCAA and KoticRadio with radio host Paul Rasso, featured her as a guest where she discussed her science fiction thriller Sadana 999 and deep love of storytelling and her poetry was featured in Our Poetry Archive and VoicesNet Anthology. Marsha L Ceniceros is a strong advocate for survivors of child abuse and works diligently to educate the public about the devastating effects of child maltreatment. Through her work, she hopes to inspire fans to make a positive change in our culture. Marsha's novels are available at all major online retailers and received five star reviews from the Readers Favorite book awards. Her collective works include: Fiction Books: • Feather • Perçu • Sadana 999 • Precedence: Bondage is Part of The Game • ALEK • Audrey Burns: Dance For Me Nonfiction Books: • God Answered Me: True Story • God Answered Me: Chapter One • God Answered Me: Chapter Two • God Answered Me: Chapter Three • Child Abuse: Is Nothing More Than Murder Poetry Collections: • Flames of Torment • Taking The Mind For A Ride