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Kurtz and Barent Mystery Series: Books 1-3

The first three books in the Kurtz and Barent mystery series, now available in one convenient volume!

Surgeon Richard Kurtz has a reputation at Easton Medical Center as a tough guy, a reputation that he considers absurd, despite the 300-pound biker on a drug induced rampage who Kurtz recently knocked out in the ER. Kurtz has a growing practice, a luxury apartment on the East Side of Manhattan and a beautiful girlfriend.

Lew Barent has seen a lot of dead bodies in his job as a homicide detective. Barent has chronic migraine headaches, a wife and daughter he dotes on, a son-in-law he can barely stand and a job that he's looking forward to leaving.

Fate, and murder, bring Kurtz and Barent together, but it turns out the two men, seemingly so different, have a lot in common: they don't pull their punches, they never give up, they have an obsessive need to see justice served, and neither runs from a fight.

In Surgical Risk: when Kurtz' former girlfriend, obstetrician Sharon Lee, is found strangled in a hospital call room, Kurtz and Barent are drawn into a twisted tale of murder, betrayal and brutal revenge.

In The Anatomy Lesson: when anatomy professor Rod Mahoney is found torn to pieces in his office, Kurtz and Barent must hunt the murderer, while the murderer is hunting Kurtz.

In Seizure: When elderly philanthropist Eleanor Herbert dreams that she's witnessed a murder and a young hospital administrator turns up dead, Kurtz and Barent investigate a decades old conspiracy that the organized crime families of New York will kill to keep secret.

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Robert I. Katz
I grew up on Long Island, in a pleasant, suburban town about 30 miles from New York City. I loved to read from a very early age and graduated from Columbia in 1974 with a degree in English. Not encouraged by the job prospects for English majors at the time, I went on to medical school at Northwestern, where in addition to my medical degree, I acquired a life-long love of deep dish pizza. I did a residency in Anesthesiology at Columbia Presbyterian and spent most of my career at Stony Brook, where I ultimately attained the academic rank of Professor and Vice-Chairman for Administration, Department of Anesthesiology. When I was a child, I generally read five or more books per week, and even then, I had a dim sense that I could do at least as well as many of the stories that I was reading. Finally, around 1985, with a job and a family and my first personal computer, I began writing. I quickly discovered that it was not as easy as I had imagined, and like most beginning writers, it took me many years to produce a publishable work of fiction. My first novel, Edward Maret: A Novel of the Future, came out in 2001. It won the ASA Literary Prize for 2001 and received excellent reviews from Science Fiction Chronicle, InfinityPlus, Scavenger's Newsletter and many others. My agent at the time urged me to write mysteries, as mysteries are supposed to have a larger readership and be easier to publish than science fiction. Since I have read almost as many mysteries as science fiction and fantasy, and since I enjoy them just as much, I had no objection to this plan. The Kurtz and Barent mystery series, Surgical Risk, The Anatomy Lesson and Seizure followed between 2002 and 2009. Reviewers have compared them favorably to Patricia Cornwell and Robin Cook and they've received positive reviews from The Midwest Book Review, Mystery Review Magazine, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Lady M's Mystery International, Mystery Scene Magazine, Library Journal and many others. In 2014, I published a science fiction short story, “To the Ends of the Earth in the Deep Blue Sea” on Kindle for Amazon. Since then, I have made all of my previously published novels available for purchase on Kindle and now, in June, 2017 I am about to embark on a new venture. I will be publishing new novels on Kindle, the first of which is entitled The Cannibal's Feast. It's a science fiction story of corporate warfare in space. The next, coming out in early 2018, will be another science fiction novel tentatively entitled The City of Dust, a tale set on an abandoned world after the collapse of the First Interstellar Empire of Mankind. For further information, please visit my website, and for updates on upcoming books, stories, promotions and author appearances, please subscribe to my email list at