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Tinker's Plague

Oil reserves depleted. Society collapsed. A few places cling to modern technology. For everywhere else, there are the Tinkers. In southern Ontario, Novo Gaia uses sustainable energy to support its citizens in comfort. From there, Novo Gaia sends Doctors of Applied General Technology, tinkers, into the Dark Lands to install everything from solar stills to televisions—and make a profit. Brad Cooper is a tinker on his route in Guelph when he finds himself at the epicentre of a plague outbreak. Stranded without support in a tenuously-held quarantine zone, he must use his limited medical training in a desperate search for a treatment against an insidious relic from an age of excess. Meanwhile, fuelled by panic, other townspeople caught within the quarantine zone conspire to sabotage relief efforts. Distrusted by the people he's trying to help, hampered by political rivals, under-supplied, over-worked, and with his own risk of infection increasing, Brad seems to be fighting a losing battle as the casualties mount...

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Stephen B. Pearl
Stephen B. Pearl is an ex-lifeguard, mystic, science enthusiast, home handyman, backyard mechanic, and writer. The face he wears changes with the company he keeps. His cats know him as pride alpha. Well, servant might be more accurate his wife of over thirty years runs the pride, Stephen tries to stay out of her way. He brings his varied experiences to the books he writes which range from Paranormal, Nukekubi, Worlds Apart and The Hollow Curse to Science fiction, Tinker's Plague, Tinkers Sea, War of the Worlds 2030, Cats and Slaves of Love, as well as historical fantasy, Horn of the Kraken. Being something of a romantic, Stephen likes to weave romantic sub-plots into his work. Stories of people being empowered by love where the power and security of love allows them to triumph in other areas. As is stated in many Pagan wine blessings, “For there is no greater power than that of a man and a woman joined in the bonds of love.” For more about Stephen and his works: To purchase: