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I Was Cursed in Connecticut

At twenty-six, Kirstyn Lazur is numb. Her mother is dead. Desperately looking for answers, she is mysteriously drawn to a psychic shop in New London, Connecticut. There she meets a psychic who says that a powerful family curse has befallen her. After following instructions to remove the curse, Kirstyn is eager to leave the past behind and moves to Los Angeles, California to start anew. But when she meets a man and falls in love, the curse returns and threatens to destroy them both. Ravaged by physical pain that cannot be addressed through conventional methods, she is forced to do something she promised she would never do again: see a psychic. It is not until Kirstyn uncovers the truth about the curse that she is finally able to set herself free.

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Kirstyn Lazur
Kirstyn Lazur is the author of I Was Cursed in Connecticut, a memoir that recounts her unique and supernatural journey after the death of her mother. She is also the author of the TOEFL Thrive Guide: The Reading Section, a test-preparation book that presents easy-to-learn strategies for the TOEFL test. Lazur holds a master's degree in English literature from the University of Connecticut and currently lives in Sedona, Arizona.