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The Black and White House

                                  The Black and White House




Robert James Bridge











Racism and Terrorism, two words that were to strike fear into the hearts and minds for many many years. Spreading like a cancer they were to be the most forthright two words on folks' minds. Memphis had its fair share of racism, of that the Jenks household were well awarehis was of course before my arrival but some of the stories I heard made me feel sick!  lease allow me to take you back to 1950 when slavery was almost non existent. folks were able to live together even though Joshua found the odd occasion when his colour was to hold him back! With three brothers and two sisters the Jenks household was in every sense overcrowded but happy.

As Joshua got older, he wondered how his mother managed, but she had lived through a generation that faced up to racism   and this made her a very strong woman. From Joshua's early days he knew life was to be one long struggle and although he had three brothers and two sisters, he was to be the one his folks pushed hard to gain an education, even though they could not afford it they would buy books for him to study.





We were kind of lucky as a black family since my father  Jonathan and my mother Mary had both managed to obtain employment with a local rich white family who lived in a large house on the outskirts of the town, we only knew them as the master and his wife but that was soon to change as they insisted we  call them Sam  and Julia. “You call me Sam, Johnathon  I am not your master and you are not my slave.” Sam Mcleod had Scottish connections and had inherited a fortune from his father who owned a large brewery in Scotland. His wife Julia had given birth to a daughter called Jilly who was almost the same age as myself. My father was in fact a very sick man but was employed as Sam's' butler, gardener and general help whilst my mother became a constant companion to his wife and daughter.  Thanks to them we always had food on the table.

Mr... Sam told my father to bring us children up to the house since his daughter was lonely and in need of other children to play with. That day was to be one I would never forget as my eyes and my brothers never left Jill. Sam said he had an announcement to make and it kind of shook us all as he said,” Mary we would like to offer you the job of housekeeper and nanny if you agree of course?” My mother felt tears in her eyes as she replied, “I would gladly accept your kind offer but will the maids and the staff object?


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