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Sometimes, Man's Rejection Is God's Protection

Throughout our lives, we encounter rejection from those around us—those we love, those we respect, and those in authority over us. Regardless of age, gender, race, religious background, or social status, everyone experiences rejection of some sort. What varies from one person to another is the impact of that rejection upon and within their lives, emotions, and relationships.

Dr. M. Stanley Butler tackles difficult aspects of rejection, common to many of us—perhaps, common to you—and reveals that even these things are a small part of a greater purpose and design. With an application of spiritual truths, he empowers you to excel and overcome in spite of those who have failed to realize your true value and potential. Your enemy desires that you would be rejected and embittered, but even these things cannot derail your purpose or your destiny, because none of it occurs to God. He watches over a plan with an end that was declared from the beginning and ensures that every failed relationship, act of abuse, and unfulfilled promise works for your good. There are victories you have yet to realize, and God is waiting to reveal this truth…Sometimes, Man's Rejection Is God's Protection!

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M. Stanley Butler
Dr. M. Stanley Butler is an author, teacher, and serial entrepreneur. He is the President of M. Stanley Enterprise & Ventures, LLC and Founder of Striving Toward Excellence in Public Service (STEPS), Inc. He has been instrumental in the establishment of organizations that are changing the lives of people both nationally and internationally. His consulting work with nonprofit organizations has taken him to Europe, Asia, Africa, and many cities throughout the United States. Dr. Butler models servant leadership in a manner that challenges, mentors, and prepares others to live with purpose. He has mentored and/or coached men and women nationally through his leadership programs and prepared others for the work of changing their world with boldness and conviction.