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The Bookseller

Across from Boston Common, nestled in the corner of a cobblestone mall, sits The Bookseller, a bookstore owned by a lovable rare book dealer and his wife, who runs a coffee parlor inside the store. The parlor is the morning greeting place for business people from around the mall where the complementary coffee is hot and delicious, the croissants are a quarter and the lively banter is free.

George and Elizabeth lead a happy life surrounded by many friends. Their happiness is about to be shattered by a violent South American drug cartel with a new, high tech process for smuggling cocaine.

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C Robert Cales
C Robert Cales, a.k.a. ScaryBob, creates paranormal thrillers that engage readers emotionally, will keep them turning pages late into the night and might cause them to sleep with the lights on. Devil Glass The Bookseller Reincarnology (pending release) Quasi Rift (in process)