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Caught Within Time

While exploring an abandoned house, seven teenagers are pulled into a mystical pyramid, transporting them to the place Beth thought about as she touched the strange object. Everything is just like Beth remembered, but something is off. Things that should be soft are hard as a rock; food is not edible; there is no sound where sound should be heard; things are absent of temperature and smell.

Stranger yet, time isn't moving.

When Skip gets separated from the group after stepping through a door, the rest try to stay together by holding hands, moving from space to space. Not understanding what was going on, they slowly get lost in their own thoughts.

Beth and Tommy inadvertently discover the secret to escape and make it back home ten minutes after they ventured into the old Bonner house, a good mile from where they started. When they return, they find five lifeless bodies surrounding the golden pyramid.

Willy, Janice, Susan and Skip are caught within time and must fight for their lives to escape the mystical world before their time runs out.

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Jason Moser
Jason Moser is a self-published fiction and non-fiction author from Chesapeake, VA. Writing since 1985 and publishing since 2005, he has spent a lifetime to bring education and entertainment to all of his readers.