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Ministry Not Impossible

Like many of you, I was always told by my friends, pastors, and family members that God had a ministerial call on my life. I had no problem believing God had something great, wonderful, and awesome for me to do in his kingdom, however I was always left questioning myself about the culture and identity of my ministry. Would my ministry look like my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Would I preach like my pastor behind a pulpit? Would I travel the world like all of the great missionaries and evangelists I so admired on TV? With all of these questions running through my mind ministry seemed to be impossible to embrace. After years of trial and error and maturing in the things of God, I discovered that many who are called into ministry have no clue how they should operate in it. Many base their ministry on an ideology of what they think or been told it should be, therefore failing to latch hold of what God creatively wants to do in their lives. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that ministry is a personal endeavor. God has specifically imparted unique things and assignments inside of each of you that no one else on the planet earth can carry out. Your ministry is not supposed to be canned or manufactured in a package that is identical to the next person. The ministry on the inside of you is original. There are so many people in this world that God has ordained for you to minister to that are waiting with great anticipation, for you to use your authentic talents and abilities. Learn the tools that take your ministry out of the impossible! Dr. Oliver T. Reid

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Dr. Oliver T. Reid
Dr. Reid has used God's blessings and favor upon his life in the marketplace, as Founder of ECKLESIA Professional Development Center in 2001, and Founder of M.I.N.D. Consulting in 2007. Mr. Reid provides mental health and consulting services through his companies, and is also a seasoned trainer, motivational speaker and writer. His first book, Don't Press Fast Forward, was released in 2010, and four other books will be released in the near future: Spiritual GPS, Your Ministry is not Impossible, Nine Keys to Keeping a Vision Fresh, and Words from the Low Place. Using his God-given passion to teach, Dr. Reid has also developed a series of empowerment workshops and conferences. In addition, Reid launched the I Am a Solution ministry for empowering men to change the world. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Reid is married to Miatta Reid and a proud father. He graduated from Winston Salem State University with a BA/BS degree in History and Sociology, and earned a Master's in Theology from Life Christian University. Oliver Reid received his PhD in Christian Counseling from Clarity International University in 2013. You can connect with Apostle Oliver T. Reid at the links below.