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The Second Diary

Some people keep diaries that merely record the forgettable tidbits of their daily life. Dorothy Rose Nolte Hughes had one of those. But after her passing, her cherished granddaughter Cherry found another one that proved to be the tell-it-like-it-really-is version. It revealed family secrets that may have otherwise been buried forever; the romantic conspiracies of two generations. Granny's spunk shined radiantly through each page. She'd turned some colorful phrases; earthy to be sure, and perhaps for some, even blushworthy. For Cherry and husband Gene, who with their six Doxie kids had spent their every day with Granny during her physically- challenging last months, this newfound treasure was delightfully funny. And deeply endearing. They discovered the true power of fairy tales; like those that had transported her to happier places and happier times during her somber last days. But the fairy tale that was Cherry's last gift to her grandmother, was the best one yet.

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Ciara Threadgoode
Ciara Threadgoode is a pseudonym. The author strongly concurs with a statement attributed to Edgar Degas: "I want to be famous; I also yearn to remain unknown."