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M.C. I Am My Brother's Keeper

Former US Army Sniper Jake Coleman has nothing more in mind than a little relief from a hot, Texas-summer night when he jumps on his bike and heads to a biker bar in search of a cold beer. But when he encounters a three-against-one fight right outside the bar door, he steps in to improve the odds for an outnumbered stranger. What Jake doesn't know is that the man he's just helped is none other than Diego Santiago, vice-president of the Houston based, Los Patrons Motorcycle Club. An impressed and grateful Santiago befriends Jake and mentors him as he works to meet the requirements of a prospective member of Los Patrons. Jake finally accepted as a “full patch member,” finds something he's been searching for all his life; brotherhood. As he embarks on the life of a Los Patrons brother, Jake falls in love with an intoxicating woman, and rapidly rises up the club's ranks, discovering something chilling about himself…that no act is too grim or violent for him to perform, if it's in service of those he has come to call his brothers. 

God Forgives - Patrons Repay 

Written with a knife-edge authenticity, M.C. – I Am My Brother's Keeper catapults readers into the dark and dangerous netherworld of a big city motorcycle club.

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C.J. McSHane
Born in central New Mexico, C.J. McShane has been an avid motorcycle enthusiast for more than thirty years. He has ridden as both an independent and as a patched brother in a well-known motorcycle club. Having always been a free-thinker, C.J. believes that no good could ever come from the interference in another's free will or in having someone interfere in his. C.J. has long lived by an old biker's code, "Show Respect - Get Respect" and continues to live by that philosophy today. Having recently released his first novel, M.C. I Am My Brother's Keeper, C.J. tells the story of a soldier who returns from Afghanistan to an existence without family, only to find family in an unlikely place, among the Houston based 1%er Motorcycle Club known as, Los Patrons. Come ride with Jake and Crew and experience life and family in a raw and very primal way. From the desk of C.J. McShane, "I'm glad to have ya!"