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Gaikokujin - The Story

外黒人 is a spiritual rags to riches adventure. Before I divided the book into three parts, the subtitle for the entire story was “Race, Redemption, and a Quest for Christ Consciousness.” I have been blessed to live a ‘storybook life' but not in any glamorous way. Writing this book has allowed me to examine my role as a person of color—which I refer to as ‘melanin-rich'—in a society which has proven itself to be hostile toward non-Caucasian people. Because this is part memoir, part historical treatise, and part survivor's guide, it is my intention to stretch the parameters of a conventional novel.

Book 1, subtitled “Hip Hop, Race, and Pursuing the American Dream” is told through the eyes of a confused child. A stranger in my own home, like so many neglected children, I found a surrogate family in the street—mainly at our neighborhood basketball courts. After learning how to ‘make a dollar out of fifteen cents,' I was headed down a tried-and-true path for disaster until, ironically, a Beast and a Serpent came to my rescue.

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Takuan Amaru
Takuan Amaru is an accomplished writer, teacher, public speaker, and youth advocate. He is the author of over 100 published articles ranging on such diverse topics as popular culture / music, ancient spirituality, and philosophy. Takuan borrows from his various experiences as a soldier, social worker, athlete, Hip Hop artist, and teacher to connect with readers on a very intimate level. He makes his home in Nagoya, Japan. For more information, please email him at or connect on Facebook.