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The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable journey

Chronicling a miniature schnauzer named Stewie – “Super Stew” – as he embarks on a magical journey. Stewie, known for his playful antics, has adventures with whimsical characters Ralphie, Benji and Angel, Peanut, Jack, Whiskers, Howie and Stanley, and Lyndi on his enchanted path. This is the tale of the special bond between Stewie and his master. A story of love and light, this book will teach families and children of all ages about the loss of a pet companion and the beautiful afterlife known as ‘Rainbow Bridge'.

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Kristi Lynn Domke
Kristi is a feature writer at a university. She holds a B.A. in communications and her experience in higher education has led her to a passion for young, growing minds. Her first publication "The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable journey" shares the story of her dog, Stewie, and their special bond, as he travels to 'Rainbow Bridge'. In this light-hearted tale, Stewie - "Super Stew" - goes on a journey, meeting whimsical characters along his way, as he crosses to 'Rainbow Bridge'. This was written to help anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet companion. A tribute to all dogs who have crossed to 'Rainbow Bridge', this book will be enjoyed by children, adults and pet lovers alike.