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How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes!

If you are single, divorced or wondering why your relationships keep failing this book will help you to understand clearly why you may have made some poor relationship choices in the past – and more importantly how to make much better decisions when it comes to choosing your next potential partner. Learn how to avoid making the big relationship mistakes so you can greatly improve your chances of finding the relationship you deserve and protect your future happiness. You owe it to yourself to know how you can avoid a major relationship disaster and the best way to meet the kind of partner you are looking for. How to Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes can save you a lot of time and heartache giving you the opportunity to discover some of the secrets of how to be successful when you are looking for love. The advice, tips and guidance included in this book has worked for many men and women around the world. 

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Nigel Beckles
Nigel Beckles is a certified relationship coach/specialist, online adviser, workshop facilitator and broadcaster. He is also a contributor to the award winning movie documentary ‘Looking for Love' which explores relationships in the UK. During his childhood he witnessed several incidents of Domestic Violence which impacted on him deeply resulting in him making some very poor relationship choices experiencing a great deal of pain, confusion and frustration. His personal experiences along with a keen interest in psychology made him determined to find out why he had sabotaged his own happiness. Following years of reflection, self-development and personal growth he decided to write his first book and spent four years researching what some of the top experts in the field of relationships had to say to discover the real reasons why so many end in failure or even abuse and violence. Nigel has years of experience of supporting and guiding men and women through difficult relationship issues. His mission is to help others avoid the emotional distress of making poor relationship choices and guide people towards finding a healthy, loving relationship. Over the last five years he has created the Facebook groups ‘Reflections on Abusive Relationships' (ROAR) and a major contributor/administrator for the Facebook group Narcissistic Personality Disorders Survivors (NPDS). Over the last few years these groups have grown tremendously, currently having a combined membership of over 30,000 members. Supported by teams of administrators Nigel has advised many people from all over the world who find themselves experiencing problems or confusion within their relationships and provides practical online advice or support on a variety of issues.