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Theories of justice versus corruption are set here in Mammina's dark fantasy fairy tale where a ghostly knight named Spirit Warrior dares to defend his people from an assortment of villains, including that of an evil, corrupt king and a vengeful sorcerer. In a quest to secure justice and peace, Spirit Warrior selflessly challenges all obstacles at once--giving rise to this classic saga. An excellent Young Adult novel for 7th grade readers up to veteran book worms!

Containing fantastic sketches throughout, the Paltronis tale is told by Hanna the Storyteller set in a fairy tale world with a dark twist. Her narration weaves in and out of each chapter as you read beyond her tale and come face-to-face with the characters in their fight for revolution, redemption and revenge. This story will have you on the edge of your seat until the grand climax. This is a tale within a tale, one which will make you want to read it again and again. Please enjoy Paltronis, but one click away.

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David V. Mammina
David V. Mammina lives in Lindenhurst, NY and teaches Social Studies to students with learning disabilities in Queens. He is the author of seven fiction novels and the recipient of the Presidential Service Award for his volunteer work in the community. He enjoys connecting with avid readers and other independent authors, as well as dabbling in video games and comics. Please feel free to reach out to him and take a look at his website to learn more.