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Protector of Children

An assassin with schizophrenia. A protector of children. A sleek, cool thriller novel taking place on Long Island. The Covert Alliance of Selective Termination is a secret society dedicated to silencing the most dangerous criminals in the country. For decades, this clandestine band of shadow assassins have slain thousands of suspect drug lords, terrorists, serial killers and everyone in-between. They see themselves as a noble and necessary evil, keeping the United States safe by their theory of "natural justice." But, what if one of their best succumbs to a different kind of fight, one for his own mind?
Vincent Putnam has slain his share of demons, but also battles his share within his mind. Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he suffers from visions and hallucinations that medication can't fix. While a recurring dream names him the "Protector of Children," Putnam still must carry out the most secretive and personal mission of his life. Testing the boundaries of his own sanity, he sets out to uncover the murderer of his beloved mentor, until he meets a young child that changes his life forever.

Author Details

David V. Mammina
David V. Mammina lives in Lindenhurst, NY and teaches Social Studies to students with learning disabilities in Queens. He is the author of seven fiction novels and the recipient of the Presidential Service Award for his volunteer work in the community. He enjoys connecting with avid readers and other independent authors, as well as dabbling in video games and comics. Please feel free to reach out to him and take a look at his website to learn more.