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Crown Thy Good


A novel of tragic events and redemption, with a side order of funny business.

Take one disgraced District Attorney. Add a part-time philosopher-full time barbecue grill master. A sassy but big-hearted (and big-footed) waitress. A female-to-male transsexual who is stuck between genders on a pay-as-you-go plan. A mentally-challenged woman who keeps forgetting which are swear words and which aren't. And a mute Latino in the U.S. illegally. Mix them together in a bucolic village on the coast of South Carolina, and you have a recipe for insanity.

Small-town District Attorney Bowman Carter has the case of his career. A murder trial. He wins handily and his future is bright. There is even talk of running for Congress. Then disaster. The man who has spent the last seven years in prison is actually innocent. Carter is not only booted, but a terrible catastrophe befalls him. He becomes a pariah and is run out of town. Drunk and suicidal, he wakes up in the small seaside town of Port Royal, South Carolina. There among a cast of eccentrics, he begins the slow, arduous task of healing—if it doesn't kill him first.


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M A Street
Micheal A Street is the author of the novels Hands and The Hill, and the non-fiction book Keys to a Spiritually-Based Life. He lives in the upper Midwest with his wife, Donna.