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Green Kitty - Stories Grandma Still Remembers

“Green Kitty - Stories Grandma Still Remembers” was written to help 8-12 year old children understand dementia. The book revolves around a grandchild who keeps visiting a grandmother who has recently been placed into assisted living because of memory issues. Tidbits of information and helpful activities to engage the elderly are woven into the narrative.  The grandmother grew up on a farm and has a collection of amusing animal anecdotes which she shares. . The book has 16 illustrations both in black and white and color.

Author Details

Alexandra Bryan
Alexandra Faer Bryan is a Registered Nurse who saw the need for a book for older children to understand Alzheimer's disease. She has also written other books and instructional manuals. The issue of dementia is a very personal one to her because almost everyone on her mother's side of the family have or had this illness.