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Smart Chicks

Learning can be so much fun, from singing songs to teach  words and numbers, to even singing about colors. Since children's minds are fresh and new, learning new things comes easy for them, this is why I created this booklet. Filled with easy to follow fun that teaches colors, shapes, and numbers. And it comes with a BONUS!  of 5 FREE coloring pages for your kids to enjoy over and over again. Let your child show you that they can be a smart chick too. Tweet Tweet!. Enjoy. 

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Marie C Rimmer
I am a writer and a mother of two beautiful little girls, my oldest is two years old. Me and her father work closely with her to teach her things such as numbers, colors, items, animals, etc. and she caught on fast. We still have work to do but she knows so much at such a young age. And that is why I write books. My children and my family are my motivation for my words and ideas that are put into book form. And many different life circumstances have inspired me to write self-help guides as well. I hope that you enjoy the my writings. Thank you for your support.