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Kalima The Secret of the Jungle

This is the story of Kalima, a young zebra born in a corner of the jungle of Kenya. She is the last descendant of a very special breed called The Guides, well know for being protectors of the herd, and always staying alert. She has recently been made an orphan due to a lion attack that killed off her mom. Her grandmother becomes her caretaker, as she is an old and wise zebra who holds great knowledge. Kalima loves flowers, chase butterflies and play with her friend Norba, the youngest member of the elephant pack. But as one of The Guides, soon she is going to receive a big responsibility, keep a very important secret hide in the jungle. Unfortunately, looks like she doesn't have any clue about it. The first of a trilogy, this Fantasy YA book, ingeniously explores humanity's perception of its respect to nature and animals rights.

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Nestor Eguez
Nestor Eguez is a Technology Teacher who immigrated with his family from Uruguay, South America to California, twenty years ago in searching of a better life. Since then, he has been teaching at Adult and Vocational schools. He had always had an interest in writing and one day while helping his children with a school project, was the moment that this story was born. Over the years, Nestor transformed his original idea into a beautiful and inspirational book collection for young readers. He hopes to continue his writing journey with many touching stories. Nestor lives in South California with his wife Monica.