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The Adventures of Kit KAt

It's a great, big world out there and at times it can be an overwhelming and scary place for young children…and even more so for a defenseless, young animal. In The Adventures of Kit Kat, a precocious kitten is lost in the desert and soon discovers the dangers of the wild. Scared, disorientated and desperately dehydrated, Kit Kat must brave the elements and trust her fate to three seemingly shady characters in order to find water. However, by taking a chance on her newfound companions, Kit Kat learns a valuable lesson in perseverance, friendship and the meaning of home.  

 Written over the course of two decades, Walker's book is a labor of love that can now be shared with her grandchildren and with generations to come.

The Adventures of Kit Kat is available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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Dawn C Walker
Dawn Cherie Walker lives at home with her husband and their two cats, Bella and Cat Mandu, in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Walker began writing her heartwarming tale, The Adventures of Kit Kat, in 1995. Though it has taken twenty-one years to get her book into print, she believes it is perfect timing for it to be published now that she has eight grandchildren.